My favorite word in the world is actually two words. Anam Cara means “soul friend”. To me, “Soul Friend”,  speaks of rich, authentic relationships. As I travel and serve, that is what I offer.


Spring 2023…feeling the rumble.

Good morning friends… I hope this finds you savoring the grace of the day you’ve been given. This Free Range Cage Free life I’ve been given has been the most fun and the most stressful of any adventure I’ve been on. And I am grateful you have chosen to come along....

Words From Kevin’s Heart

Words From Kevin’s Heart

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Reflections on 2022

Reflections on 2022

January 2, 2023 Happy New Year! And may you continue to live in the blessings of grace that surround us. I have a friend/ life coach/ advisor who tells me, in a loving way, that I need to get over my ability to over share:-) I so want to sit with you, listen to your...

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After decades of connecting with youth, helping them develop their passions and teaching them lessons that produce Godly character, what’s next?

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