Spiritual Kegger

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Several years ago, longer than I care to admit, I was asked to invite you to a party. Not just any party, but a kegger of seemingly monumental proportions involving connection, commitment and conviction. However, I just wasn’t that brave …so I put the party on layaway, thinking maybe some day.

It would seem that day is now.

I’m not sure where you’re at with God. As for me, I’m in a stretching relationship, trying to invest in a transformation that frankly, makes me nervous…but the options don’t have much draw, so I’m sticking to it as best my meager courage will allow. It looks something like this.

The Spirit is trying to connect with us using love, truth, grace and community. Sometimes it’s found in scripture, sometimes in reflection, sometimes in conversation…it happens in lots of ways. The center piece of that connection is a deeper love for ourselves and for those we engage with…often being led to engage with people we normally wouldn’t. For me this process looks like this…the thoughts that I get every day that aren’t illegal, immoral or unbiblical ( in broad swaths cause God has used illegal, immoral and unbiblical to His advantage numerous times ) is the Spirit trying to guide and direct me. Sound to foo foo for you, a little crazy, a little unverifiable? I would totally agree except I’ve witnessed the outcomes simply too often.

The outcome of this process is that you are looking for ways to engage, rather than living a life of elimination…focused on what is the Spirit and I engaging in instead of a series of “ I don’t do that’s “. The “ I don’t do that’s “ are how I was raised, although I’m sure they didn’t mean for that to be the story…but, I didn’t dance, I didn’t drink, I didn’t play sports on Friday nights, I didn’t, I didn’t, I didn’t. Although I thought about doing those things …a lot. What kept me frozen in place was the hell clause. That’s the clause that says if you don’t keep the law God can’t or won’t save you. And they have lots of stories to prove there point…stories that make God out to be a pagan deity, full of wrath and judgment. At the time I didn’t have the courage to challenge those stories. I do now.

What this sets up is…I get to engage the world cruising by me in an interactive, supportive role vs a judging role. Life is about learning to love well rather than trying to sin less.

As for the party, the love fest, the spiritual kegger……..you’re invited, always…wherever you’ve been, whatever you’ve done…always welcome. That’s what love lives like.